Doodle Run v2.6 Apk

Doodle Run v2.6

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Doodle Run, an amazing endless experience for game lovers!
Doodle Run, the best running game in a doodle theme.

Please do not post negative comments if this game doesnt run well on your device, just mail us( and we'll get working on your problem asap.
Mr. Doodle's city, San Francisco, lost life and color in the destruction caused during the last world war. Its been a long time since then and our little Mr. Doodle has got tired of living in a dead San Francisco. He has finally decided to take over the instruments of war.
For this he must evade tanks, bullets, canons, nuclear warheads, dead skulls and all those that come his way. Jumping and rolling, and running further and further Mr. Doodle's aim is to collect as many crayons as possible to color the city of San Francisco and bring it back to life.
Your job is to help Mr. Doodle, a stick man, do this. The game presently has five different levels, each one with increasing difficulty and more advanced weapons of war.
Doodle run will soon have new cities added to the gameplay (especially, London, Sydney, Beijing, Hong Kong and New York).

This freerunning doodle run platform game is specially for the fans of games like doodle dash, temple run, zombie run, bear run, city jump, ninja rush, droid jump, i must run, doodle runner and zombie farm.
Its a simple fun and adventure filled freerunning platformer game with no complex tutorials, training, cheats or hints needed to master. Just use your skills to bring San Francisco (the heart of entrepreneurship) back to life.

Doodle man's runaway is laden with obstacles of army war and fighting.
Help him jump over
***guns and canons
***army jeep and shooting military tanks
***duck beneath skulls and skeletons
***jump over nuclear bomb warheads
***Doodle art style
*** Awesome sound effects
*** Three lives
Help Doodle run as far as he can run
If you like wild killing, unicorn dash, stick figure games or other similar endless obstacle platform games you'll love doodle run
Just start the sprint for peace, defying gods of war, fire and mutiny. Just keep running for the love of peace. Download Download

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